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MAX2 4-channel radio receiver, DTM433MHz, 700 remotes





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MAX2 is an advanced four-channel receiver. Designed to work with gate controllers, shutters, and other automation devices. It is very simple to operate with a multitude of available features. It is equipped with microUSB connector, so it is possible to program from the computer. The receiver is perfect for both large and simple installations.
  • element of DTM433MHz
  • memory for 700 remotes
  • modern design
  • integrated USB interface
  • PIN code protects the receiver fron unauthorized access
  • power supply 12..24V AC/DC
  • four separate channels
  • advanced capabilities and easy programming with LED display
MAX2 4-channel radio receiver, DTM433MHz, 700 remotes
Basic parametres
power supply: 12...24V AC / DC
max current consumption: 120mA
remotes memory capacity: 700 remotes of DTM433MHz
operating temperatures: -20°C / +55°C
electronic plate dimensions (LxDxH): 79x57x18mm
mounting: splash-proof plastic housing, IP-53
weight: 120g
Executive elements
relay outputs (type/ number /max.load): NO or NC / 4 / 1A (24V AC/DC)
working modes: monostable, bistable, momentary
Output hold time adjustment in monostable mode: 0.1s to 6553.5s (about 110 minutes) with a resolution of 0.1s
Radio parametres
radio module: modern, digital, superheterodyne
transmission protection: 64-bit Keeloq®
modulation / frequency: OOK / 433,92Mhz
antenna impedance: 50Ω
antenna: rod antenna, terminals for connecting an external antenna
user interface: hardware interface on two-digit LED display and two buttons that support a simple menu
computer user interface: USB PROGRAMMER software operating in Windows® environment, connection to PC with microUSB cable, receiver connector is available through a special hole located at the bottom of the enclosure
features available from PC: full functionality of the receiver with the additional possibility of backing up and using the receiver as an on-line event logger
PIN code: access lock to receiver menu
adding the remote without access to receiver buttons: easy remote adding function with the ability to lock or unlock the function
verification of remotes int he receiver's memory: function showing the number of added remotes
remote configuration: the ability to assign any of the four receiver channels to any button
editing the remote: possibility to edit remote control settings without its physical presence
protection against accidental pressing: double-click function
EEPROM memory on stand: possibility to move memory to another receiver
copying remote settings: settings copying from remote no. 001
copying memory: from a computer or by B700 module








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