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MICRO - 2 channel radio receiver, 35remotes, DTM433MHz


Receiver DTM433MHz (ZSP-4)CE - Receiver DTM433MHz (ZSP-4)

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MICRO  - two channel universal radio receiver is supplied with 24V AC/DC, devoted to cooperate with gate controllers and other electric devices in  DTM 433MHz system. It has an advanced possibilities and easy operate with LED disply and it has great radio parameters. Built in whip antenna, conector for external one included.
  • 2 separated output channels
  • striking design with external antenna
  • simple programming with LED diodes interface
  • compatible with all DTM433MHz remotes
  • supply 24V AC / DC
MICRO - 2 channel radio receiver, 35remotes, DTM433MHz
Basic parametres
power supply: 24V AC / DC
max current consumption: 65mA
remotes memory capacity: 35
working temperatures: -20°C / +55°C
enclosure dimensions (LxDxH): 80 (plus 40 for the holder) x60x30mm
receiver board dimensions (LxDxH): 54x50x18mm
mounting: splash-proof, plastic enclosure
weight: 100g
relay outputs (type/ number /max.load): NO / NC / 2 / 1A 24V AC / DC
working modes: monostable, bistable, momentary
turn on time in monostable mode: 5,5s, from 1s to 127s (1s resolution for times up to 1 minute and 1 min resotution for times from 1min to 127 min)
Radio parametres
radio module: integrated, superheterodyne, high reliability, reproducibility
transmission protection: 64 - bit long Keeloq®, dynamic code
modulation / frequency: ASK / 433,92MHz
antenna impedance: 50Ω
antenna: built in whip antenna, connector for external one
Other parametres
memory cell: conteins information about every remote and its preferences
microcontroller: Microchip, PIC12
memory type: non-volatile, inside microcontroller
critical event protection: Watch Dog, Power On Reset
standard user interface: hardware interface with Led display and 2 push buttons
remote preferences: remote buttons to receiver's outputs assignment
all memory erase: yes
single remote delete possibility: yes, deleted remote presence necessary
new remote registering without using receiver button: yes, easy remote registering function








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