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miniUVR868 - 1 channel radio receiver, 200 remotes, DTM868MHz


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MiniUVR868 is a compact, one-channel radio receiver designed to work with 230VAC supplied devices. It provides a simple and inexpensive way to expand the functionality of the home and gate automation with remote control. Small housing allows to mount receiver in installation box.
  • power supply 230V
  • mounting in installation box
  • remote and manual control
  • programming remotes outside the installation
  • advanced and simple programming
  • compatible with DTM868MHz remotes
miniUVR868 - 1 channel radio receiver, 200 remotes, DTM868MHz
Basic parametres
power supply: 230VAC ±10%
power consumption: 1W
memory 200 remotes
operating temperature -20°C / +55°C
enclosure dimensions (LxDxH): 44x37x22mm
mounting: installation box
weight: 42g
Executive elements
relay output (type /max.load): NO or NC / 3A/230VAC
output mode: monostable, bistable or momentary
monostable mode hold time: 0,5s / from 1s to 127s every 1 s / from 1min. to 127 min. every 1 min.
manual control input: NO type
Radio parametres
radio module: integrated, superheterodyne
transmission protection: 104-bit IRS
modulation / frequency: FSK / 868MHz
antenna: wire
user interface: based on two buttons and five LEDs
remote configuration: ability to assign any button to receiver
ability to register remotes without access to receiver button: easy remote registering function
ability to register remotes programmed outside the installation: Galactic function
ability to delete single remote: yes, remote presence required
verifying number of registered remotes: yes








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