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DTM GO800 garage door automation

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DTM GO800 is a comfortable and fast garage door drive. It guarantees quiet, smooth and reliable operation for many years. It is characterized by numerous functions to meet the requirements of each user. Thanks to the built-in LED lamp, the garage is evenly illuminated and the integrated radio receiver ensures quick and convenient opening of the gate with a remote control. The drive is designed for installation in overhead and sectional garage doors.

Most important features

  • lifting force 800N

  • a force control system that guarantees simple programming and a high level of security

  • interface with LED display and programming menu

  • airing function

  • auto-closing function after time

Basic parameters

power supply: 230VAC / 50Hz ±10%
power consumption: 1A / 0,04 A
fuse: 3A (dimensions 6,3x32mm)
protection class: IP-20
work intensity: 15% (9 cycles per hour)
working temperature: -20 °C to +50°C
running rail length with drive and handle: 3440 mm, folding elements
trolley drive mechanism: flexible timing belt, fatigue resistant, wear resistant
maximum stroke: 2650mm
maximum lifting force: 800N
maximum door surface: 12,6m2
maximum gate width: 5000 mm


Executive elements

accessory power output: +24VDC max. 100mA
wall button control: NO type input, operation only in SBS mode
input for safety devices: NC type
auto-closing time: max. 9min. with a resolution of 1min and a countdown of the last 9s on the display
built-in signaling and lighting lamp: LED, lighting time 4min. from the last move



Radio control parameters

frequency: in the DTM433MHz version – 433MHz, in the DUO version – 433MHz and 868MHz
radio module: integrated, superheterodyne
transmission protection: in DTM433MHz version – 64-bit KeeLoq®, in DUO version – 64-bit KeeLoq® and 104-bit IRS
modulation type, frequency: in the DTM433MHz – OOK version, in the DUO – OOK and FSK version
antenna: internal
remote controls memory capacity: 150 DTM433MHz series remotes, DUO version additionally DTM868MHz remotes


Functional parameters

User Interface: based on a seven-segment LED display and four buttons
controller: with integrated radio receiver
programming the controller: two modes – automatic and semi-automatic with manual force correction 0-30%
possibility of manual opening / closing and locking the gate: yes
additional door locking required: no, the drive is self-locking
security: meets the requirements of the restrictive European standard PN-EN 12453: 2002 in the field of safe use of motorized gates
driver force programming: precise electrical parameters selected during learning ensure fast, quiet and safe work
built-in security mechanisms: anti-crush mechanism – when the actuator meets resistance, it immediately changes its direction of movement
possibility of connecting other safety devices: yes, NC type input for a photocell, sensitive edge, etc.
safety input operation modes: stop or reverse when closing, stop or 100mm retraction when opening
button control: yes, in SBS mode
radio control from the remote control: selecting the function for the button at the stage of programming the remote control for the receiver: open, close, step by step, close after time, airing
the ability to erase the entire memory: yes
possibility to delete a single remote control: yes, the need to have a remote to be removed
the ability to enter the remote control without access to the controller: yes, the remote assigning function
blockade of remote adding: yes
Galactic function: yes, for DTM868MHz series pilots
jump back function: yes, relieving the gate after closing
partial opening of the gate: yes, airing function

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