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DTM-SWIFT6 sliding gate operator 230VAC

magnetic limit switches
built-in encoder
efficient unlocking mechanism

SWIFT6 electromechanical drive is designed for sliding gates used by individual customers. Solutions used in the motors provide the reliability, comfort and safety.

Most important features

  • built-in encoder

  • magnetic limit switches

  • gate weight up to 600kg

  • power supply 230V

  • aluminium body

  • efficient unlocking mechanism

Technical data

case material: aluminium with plastics elements
power supply: 230VAC ±10%
electricity consumption: 3,5A
power consumption: 800W
condenser: 16µF / 450V
encoder: built-in
limit switches: magnetic
protection class: IP-44
thermal protection: 140°C
leaf motion speed 10m/min
drawbar pull: 600N
motor rotation speed: 1400rpm
operation intensity: 40% / h (24 cycles/ h)
temperature range: -25°C / +75°C
motor weight: 9,5kg

Gate parameters

weight: up to 600kg
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