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TIP remote 2-button

button construction reduce accidental use
ABS enclosure
range up to 50m

TIP – 2 button remote can control any function or any channel of DTM devices. The button construction reduces accidental use.

Most important features

  • DTM433MHz compatible

  • radio range up to 50m

  • ABS enclosure

  • ASK modulation, EIRP below 10mW




number of buttons: 2
frequency: 433,92MHz
battery type: L 1028 23A 12V
range: 50m
EIRP power: do 10mW
dynamic code: KeeLoq®
combinations number: 4 294 967 296
enclosure material: ABS
working temp. (min./max.): 0°C / +55°C
dimensions: 70x42x14mm
weight: 25g
part of: DTM433MHz
DTM System Daniel Kujawski spółka jawna
(dawniej: DTM System spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością sp. k.)
ul. Brzeska 7, 85-145 Bydgoszcz, tel. +48 52 340 15 83/84

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