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Production on order

Excellent electronic devices – from the design phase to serial production.

Contract manufacturing

LED lighting

Energy-efficient, long-life solutions for various applications.

Gate automation

Advanced and failure-free gate technology for wireless and application controlled gates.

Other devices

High quality at attractive prices – designed and manufactured in Poland in accordanse with ISO standards.

Production process in DTM System.

One of our advantages is a modern technology park. We have 2 SMT assembly lines at our disposal, on which high-performance pick and place machines JUKI RS-1, JUKI KE-1080 and ERSA ovens.

Modern CNC machining machines (three-axis machining centres, hollow and wire rods) can create injection moulds to produce plastic parts. This way, we do not have to use subcontractors and maintain higher quality

We have a line for the assembly of THT threaded elements. All orders are made in a professional assembly hall, where we perform tests and complete the manufactured equipment.

Our factory is equipped with the latest generation of equipment, such as: climate test chamber, spectrum analyzer or digital oscilloscopes.


At the beginning, we get acquainted with the Client's expectations, and then we create a product perfectly suited to his needs. All orders are priced individually.

One of the positions in our design department.

Analysis of the working temperature of the designed device using a thermal imaging camera

A modern 3D printer helping us to create prototypes of devices.


Preparation for production

The technology department prepares the necessary documentation. The entire production is also supported by an IT system that ensures full control and traceability at each stage.

The technology department prepares the necessary documentation. The entire production is also supported by an IT system that ensures full control and traceability at each stage.

If necessary, we are able to create individual control software for the devices, perfectly adapted to the needs of a specific customer.


Appropriate production

Depending on the type of manufactured products, they go through different types of devices - these are among others: screen printers, soldering units, assembly machines and SMT/THT lines.

Professional SMT assembly lines.

The JUKI RS-1 provides excellent precision with an output of up to 29,000 components / h.

Visual inspection station, to which the tiles are subjected before they reach the soldering furnace.

The overlay head of the elements.

Installation of the threaded elements
Installation of the threaded elements
Automatic soldering process in an advanced soldering unit.
The PBT Works screen printer offers the installation of large-format LED or other applications on panels of 1200mm x 350mm.
Modern line of assembly of THT threaded elements.
Injection mould, in which housings for devices are made.

Quality control and storage

During and after production, the equipment undergoes rigorous quality control. In the final stage we mark them with a batch number and transport them to the warehouse.

The latest generation intelligent machine for three-dimensional vision inspection by photometric method - AOI Juki RV-2-3DH, thanks to which the quality of SMT electronic components assembly is automatically and very precisely controlled.

Warehouse for finished products intended for dispatch or personal collection.


Our advantages

We also carry out orders for the production of small and medium series of devices.

We are able to meet the most stringent quality standards.

Our products are innovative and have unique and modern design.

We have our own design department consisting of experienced specialists.

We use only the best components of Polish and world producers.

We have CNC machines at our disposal and we make our own housings.

We have a modern tool room, where we produce our own injection moulds. This allows us to produce different types of housings using injection moulding machines.

You have an idea for an innovative device? Are you looking for a professional manufacturer who will be able to produce even a short series? Then be sure to contact us! We will help you to go through the whole process of introducing your device to the market: from advice on the subject of the production, through the design and production process, to assistance in the distribution of the finished product.

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