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  1. Shop is obliged to deliver Goods to Customers without physical and legal defects. Shop is responsible for defects in Goods under the terms of provisions of the Act from 23 April 1964 Civil code, in particular in Art. 556 and next of civil code.
  2. Written complaints can be submitted via e-mail to the e-mail address : dtm@dtm.pl or send via post on the Customer Service Office: DTM System, ul. Brzeska 7, 85-145 Bydgoszcz, Poland with a note: „Complaint”.
  3. It is recommended that a complaint should contain in particular: full name, correspondence address, e-mail address where a response to the customer complaint is supposed to be sent, if the Customer wishes to receive the response to the customer complaint via the email: the date of purchasing of goods, the type of complained Goods , detailed description of the defect and the date of its detecting, Customer’s demand, as well as the way the Customer prefers to be informed of the process of the complaint. Receipt of purchase of Goods must be delivered with making a complaint. It can be, for example, the copy of the receipt or a duplicate of invoice, printout from the payment card or other evidence.
  4. Customer who exercises the warranty rights is obliged to deliver faulty Goods to the registered office to the Seller, at the Seller’s expense.
  5. Seller will process and express an opinion of the Customer complaint immediately, not later than in 14 days from filing a complaint. Customer will be informed of the processing method according to data indicated in a complaint.
  6. If received Goods are faulty the Customer can exercise their right to use guarantee in recommended services or – independently – from the rights from the Seller on the basis of warranty for defects in Goods.
  7. If sold Goods have a defect, the Customer can:
    1. make a statement of the price reduction or the withdrawal from the contract, unless the Seller, immediately and without excessive inconveniences for the Customer, replaces faulty goods on free from defects or removes such a defect. The reduced price should be in such proportion to the price arising from the agreement, in which the value of Goods with the defect is  to the value of the goods without the defect. Customer cannot withdraw from a contract, if the defect in Goods is insignificant;
    2. demand the replacement of Goods free from defects or removing the defect. Seller is obliged to replace faulty goods for free from defects or to remove the defect in the sensible time without excessive inconveniences for the Customer on principles determined in relevant provisions of the civil code.
  8. If a Consumer is a Customer, they can, instead of removing the defect suggested by the Seller, demand the replacement of Goods for free from defects or instead of the replacement of Goods demand removing the defect, unless restoring Goods to the compliant with the agreement in the way chosen by the Consumer is impossible or would require excessive costs in comparison with the way offered by the Seller. At the evaluation of the cost overrun,  a value of Goods free from defects and a kind and importance of the detected defect are considered, as well as the inconveniences for the Customer to bear of different means of satisfying are taken into account.
  9. If a Customer being a Consumer demands the change of things or removing the defect or made a statement of price reduction determining its amount, and the Seller have not expressed an opinion to this request in the time of 14 days, the request is regarded  as justified.
  10. Seller complies the warranty, if the physical defect is detected by the end of two years for the day of delivering the thing to the Customer. Claim for removing the defect or the exchange of Goods for free from defects expires after the year counting from the date of detecting the defect, however in case of the purchase of Goods by the Consumer – the course of limitation period cannot end prior to the deadline which is mentioned in the first sentence.


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