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Excellent electronic devices - from the design phase to the serial production

Our advantages:

We process orders even for small and medium series of devices.

We are able to meet even the most rigorous quality requirements.

Products manufactured by us are innovative and have modern design.

We have our own design department consisting of creative and experienced specialists.

We use only the best subassemblies of Polish and international producers.

We care about ecology - our devices are produced according to EU directives

Offer of the contractual production

  • traditional and LED lighting
  • gate automation (with particular reference to remote control systems)
  • alarm systems
  • other devices (according to the Client’s demands)

Production process in DTM System

Our company is equipped, among others, with the professional environmental test chamber, spectrum analyzer, digital oscilloscopes and many other devices of reputable producers. We have modern SMT(surface mount) and THT (Through-Hole) assembly lines what gives us full independence of the production. Below you can see the most important stages of manufacture in our company!


Accepting an order and design development

Firstly, we learn of the expectations of the Customer and then we create the project that perfectly meet our Customers’ needs.

  • One of positions in our design department.
  • Modern 3D printer which enables us to create devices prototypes.

Preparing for the production

Next step is inventorying the product in our system of the individual code of manufactured product and the code of performed operation.

  • The service of an integrated computer system which helps monitor the state and profitability of the production.


Depending on the type of manufactured products, they go through various types of devices – i.a. screen printers, soldering units, assembly machines and SMT/THT assembly lines.

  • Process of applying the soldering paste in the automatic printer.
  • JUKI assembly machine guarantees high precision of the assembly at the productivity up to 14 000 elements in 1h.
  • Mechatronika assembly machine used with short series of products.
  • Visual inspection position where the boards are inspected before entering the soldering oven.
  • Manual assembly of through-hole elements
  • Automatic soldering process in the advanced soldering units.
  • Professional assembly hall

Quality check and storing

Upon completion of the production, devices are subjected to the detailed control and next they are taken to the warehouse of finished products.

  • Optical control of the quality of the performed assembly.
  • The warehouse of finished products intended for the dispatch or personal reception.

If you liked to learn more about the contractual production possibilities,
please do not hesitate to contact us.
Our advisers will gladly prepare interesting
and competitive offer for you.

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