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CONTROL GSM receiver

automation control by phone
3 information inputs
memory of 4000 numbers

CONTROL GSM is a 2/4-channel receiver that allows easy and reliable remote control of the automation using a telephone. The control is done by connecting the CLIP with the receiver number, sending an SMS control command or via the dedicated Control GSM Widget application. The receiver is equipped with 3 information inputs for connecting sensors, so you can get information about the status of the gate or alarm. Connecting an additional radio transmitting module allows you to control the DTM433MHz or DTM868MHz series receivers from your phone.

Most important features

  • two NO / NC relay outputs

  • 12 … 24V AC/DC power supply

  • 900 / 1800MHz cellular network frequency

  • two optional radio channels

  • configuration and adding subscribers via MEMO service programmer

  • dedicated control and configuration applications for Android mobile devices


power supply: 12…24V AC/DC ±10%
power consumption: 300mA
operating temperature: -20°C to +55°C
memory capacity: 4000 subscribers (including 5 administrators)
relay outputs on the receiver’s base board (type / quantity / maximum load): NO or NC / 2 / 1A 24V AC or DC
information inputs: 3, programmable type NO / NC
output mode: bistable, monostable
back-up time adjustment in monostable mode: 1s to 65535s, with a resolution of 1s
mobile network frequency: 900/1800 MHz
supported technology: 2G only
external dimensions of the housing / receiver plates (width x length x height): 72x132x41mm / 58x88x27mm
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