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GO801 automation for garage doors

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GO801 is a comfortable and fast drive for garage doors. It guarantees quiet, smooth and reliable operation for many years. The integrated radio receiver ensures quick and convenient opening of the gate with a remote control. The drive is intended for installation in overhead, side and sectional garage doors.

Most important features

  • a force control system that guarantees simple programming and a high level of security

  • interface with LED display and programming menu

  • auto-closing function after time

  • photocell input

  • input for manual control button


power supply: 230-240 VAC  50/60Hz ±10%
maximum speed of gate movement: 180 mm/s
protection class: IP-20
work intensity (cycles per hour): 4 min. ON, 36 min. OFF
working temperature: -20 °C to +40°C
total length with head and handle: 3480 mm, 2×1.65 folding rail with toothed belt
trolley drive mechanism: flexible timing belt, fatigue resistant, wear resistant
maximum stroke of the trolley: 2820mm
nominal traction force: 350N
maximum pulling force: 800N
maximum door area: 12,6m2
maximum gate width: 5000 mm
overload protection: programmable with the possibility of adjusting the overload threshold value in the range of 3-1, reverse and stop when closing, stop when opening
emergency power supply: connector for an external battery 24V / 3.5Ah


accessory power output: +12VDC max. 800mA
signaling output (lamps): +35VDC max. 500mA, active while the engine is running
wall button control: NO input, SBS mode operation
input for safety devices, number and type: photocells and open door sensor, 2 NC type
auto-closing time: 1-9 minutes, adjustable every 1 minute.
photo input operating mode: reverse when closing


frequency: depending on version 433MHz or 868MHz
antenna: wire
remotes memory: 20 DTM433MHz or DTM868MHz series remote controls depending on the version

Functional parameters

user interface: based on a seven-segment LED display and four buttons
controller: with integrated radio receiver
programming the controller: in the learning process with manual force correction
possibility of manual opening / closing and locking the gate: yes
additional door locking required: no, the drive mechanism is self-locking
safety: meets the requirements of the restrictive European standard EN 12453 for safety use of power operated doors
programming the driver force: precise electrical parameters selected during learning ensure fast, quiet and safe work
built-in security mechanisms: anti-crush mechanism – when the actuator meets resistance, it immediately changes its direction of movement
control from the manual control button on the controller housing: in SBS mode
control from an additional manual control button: in SBS mode
radio control from the remote control: only one button in SBS mode
the ability to erase the entire memory of remote controls: yes
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