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ergonomic, robust remotes
low battery signalling

NEO 1’s quality and innovative technical solutions create dimension of comfort and safety. Remote has four buttons that can control radio receivers, gate controllers and other DTM devices. Equipped with Galactic function which allows programming and configuring the remote outside the installation.

Most important features

  • programming remotes outside the installation

  • ergonomic, robust remotes

  • low battery signalling

  • 868MHz frequency with complimentary IRS variable rolling code


number of buttons: 2 or 4
frequency: 868MHz
battery type: CR2016
max range: 250m
EIRP power: to 10mW
variable rolling code: 104-bit IRS
number of combinations: 2,02824096E+31
case: plastic
operating temperature (min/max): -10°C / +55°C
dimensions: 78x41x17mm
weight: 20g
part of: DTM868MHz
DTM System Daniel Kujawski spółka jawna
(dawniej: DTM System spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością sp. k.)
ul. Brzeska 7, 85-145 Bydgoszcz, tel. +48 52 340 15 83/84

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