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PERFECT-SOS receiver of signals of privileged vehicles

reacting to a continuous HORN signal:

PERFECT-SOS is a receiver of the emergency vehicles signals type: WAIL, YELP and HI-LO, and optionally HORN continuous signals. It can be used for opening public places, eg housing estates, car parks, and companies. Receiver reacts to the sound of the siren, allowing to enter the emergency services vehicles. The signal analysis technology used eliminates false signals, responding only to the sound of privileged services.

Most important features

  • input for a dedicated
    external microphone

  • technology eliminating
    false alarm signals

  • an additional function
    of responding to a loud acoustic
    signal lasting at least 8 seconds
    (eg horn)

Basic parameters

power supply: 12-24V AC/DC
power consumption: 60mA
microphone: internal – built-in, external – option
working temperature (min./max): -20°C / +55°C
external dimensions of the housing (width x depth x height): 55 x 27,5 x 118 mm
housing: IP-53
weight: 80g

Input and output parameters

recognized signals: WAIL , YELP , HI-LO , continuous HORN
relay outputs (type / amount / max load): NO / 1 / 1A 24V AC/DC
output mode: monostable 1s or until deleted (latch type)
the external button input: NO type
the external microphone input: automatically switched


the possibility of reacting to a continuous HORN signal: optional, after setting the jumper


power supply:  12-24V AC/DC
power consumption:  40mA
working temperature:  -20°C / +55°C
external dimensions of the housing:  37x36x120mm
housing: ABS with polycarbonate cover, IP-54
user interface: LED diode signaling device operation and signal detection

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