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S-FIX 2-channel radio card for FAAC

simple programming
for FAAC gate controllers
power supply via controller

S-FIX radio card is equivalent of FAAC receiver.

Most important features

  • for FAAC gate controllers

  • power supply from gate controller

  • simple programming

  • easy installation

Basic parameters

supply: from control unit
max.standby power: 12mA
remotes memory capacity: 35, every one has its own number in the memory
working temperatures: -20°C / +55°C
enclosure dimensions (LxDxH): 51 x 51 x 20 mm
installation: through the connector board
weight: 24g


open-collector output – OC (type / amount / maximum load): NO / 2 / 50 mA, channel 2 with duble NO relay output !A / 30V DC,
working mode / time: monostable / 0,5 s

Radio parameters

radio module: integrated, superheterodyne, high reliability, reproducibilty, interference proof
transmission protection: 64-bit long Keeloq®, dynamic code
modulation / frequency: ASK / 433,92MHz
antenna impedance: 50Ω
antenna: built in wire antenna, connector for external one


user interface: hardware interface with 6 diodes and 2 push buttons
remote configuration: remote buttons to receiver’s outputs assignment
whole memory erase: yes
single remote delete possibility: yes, deleted remote presence necessary
new remote registering without using receiver button: yes, easy remote registering – DTM 433MHz remotes only
simple learning blockade: yes
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