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BLUE 232 gate controller 230V

configuration via Bluetooth
energy-saving power supply
dual-mode 433MHz + 868MHz

The basic application is the control of double-leaf gate actuators. The controller is equipped with a Bluetooth module so that the driver configuration is done from a dedicated application. The software has an intuitive interface thanks to which the configuration runs efficiently and quickly.

Most important features

  • settings limited to a minimum due to predefined controller settings

  • photocells testing before gate movement

  • fluent regulation of motors power

  • memory of residual times

  • built-in dual-mode radio receiver

Download the Blue Motor Control App to configure the BLUE 232 controller


Basic parameters

power supply: 230VAC 50Hz ±10%
idle power consumption: 5W
operating temperature (min./max.): -20°C /+55°C
controller board dimensions (width x depth x height): 126x174x35mm
external dimensions of the controller housing (width x depth x height): 190x240x120mm
assembly method: surface-mounted housing, IP-66
weight: 1,1 kg


Executive elements


actuator output (voltage / maximum power / built-in capacitor / number): 230V AC  / 2 x 350W / none / 2
servomotors power regulation: electronic through the application
signal lamp output: OC type (max 24VDC / 6W)
peripheral power supply output (photocells, etc.): 24VDC / 0,5A
photocell transmitter power output: OC type (see photo test function)
gate bolt output: 12/24VDC, switched on for 5s when opening
additional output: relay (potential free), max. 1A/30V AC/DC, operating in bistable or monostable mode with adjustable on time
photocell input / number: NC type  / 3
manual control input A, B, C: NO type
manual STOP input: NC type
limit switch input (quantity): 4, separate for opening and closing
encoder input (quantity): 2
adjustment of opening and closing times as well as soft start and stop phases: 1-120s with an accuracy of 1s
automatic closing time adjustment: 1s to 120s through the application
regulation of delay time between wings: separately for opening and closing from 1 to 60 secondsn

Radio parameters

radio module: modern, digital, superheterodyne with intelligent adaptation to external radio conditions, ensuring high reliability, repeatability and optimal sensitivity
transmission security: 64-bit Keeloq® and 104-bit IRS
type of modulation / frequency: OOK / 433,92MHz and FSK / 868MHz
antenna input impedance: 50Ω



user interface: a dedicated application that allows you to configure the controller via a Bluetooth® connection
photo-closing function: yes, time separately adjustable 0-120s
photo test: programmed separately for each photocell input
photocell operation modes: programmable,
learning function: intuitive wizard in the application
initial activation of the signal lamp: programmable, 5s
wicket function: yes



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