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FLEX receiver

MTP BUDMA 2016 Award
module structure
control via smartphone
FLEX receiver is a result of our experience in the automation industry. It can be used in gate automation, home alarm and other systems. It will work in small and wide area systems. Ability to adjust to changing user’s needs, several ways to access receiver management, advanced and intuitive web-based application CloudFLEX, all of these elements give flexibility and convenience that you dreamed of.

Most important features

  • memory 9 999 remotes

  • receiver configuration via the Internet

  • receiver control via smartphone

  • easy to use with advanced possibilities

  • built-in event memory for 50 000 items

  • module structure

Main parameters

power supply: 12…24V AC/DC ±10%
current consumption: 350mA
memory: 9 999 remotes DTM868MHz series, each with own number in memory
event memory: 50 000 items
module strcture: main board, REL-2 module with two additional channels, REL-2-PWR module with two power channels, WL2 Wi-Fi card, F-USB card, wireless F-GSM card, 433MHz radio module, M2 module receiver configuration and event memory , AZYMUT wireless gate status sensor
operating temperature: -20°C /+55°C
mounting: splash-proof plastic case IP-54, holes suitable for mounting inside power supply unit housing
external case dimension / external dimension of receiver plate: 72x132x41mm / 58x88x27mm


mainboard relay outputs (type number maximum load): NO or NC / 2 / 1A (24V AC/DC)
additional module relay outputs: NO or NC / 2 / 1A (24VAC/DC), optional PWR module: NO / 2 / 5A (230VAC)
output mode: monostable 0,1s to 6553,5s resolution of 0,1s, bistable or momentary
manual-control input: yes

Radio parameters

radio module: modern, digital, superheterodyne with intelligent adaptation to external radio conditions, providing high reliability, repeatability and optimum sensitivity
transmition safety: 104-bit IRS
modulation / frequency: FSK / 868MHz
input impedance of antenna: 50Ω
antenna: wire antenna, terminals for external antenna, optional rod antenna


receiver configuration: manually using buttons and LED display; via Wi-Fi or GSM connection and a web browser; locally by connecting to a computer via USB port using the LocalFlex application
receiver control: by remote controls, manual control input, via smartphone using a dedicated V-PILOT application or CLIP connection
access authorization: ability to secure access with PIN code
real time clock: with battery backup
quick remote registering: by using receiver C1…C4 buttons
ability to register remote without access to receiver button: Galactic function, easy remote registering function in receiver radio range or via CloudFlex application
remote configuration: possible even without remote itself
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