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MAX BT 4-channel radio receiver

configuration via Bluetooth
memory 1200 remotes
memory 10000 events

MAX BT is a versatile four-channel receiver designed to work with gate controllers, roller shutters and other automation devices, where a control signal is required. The modern design and equipment with a Bluetooth module enable convenient, wireless programming of the receiver from the dedicated BT Control application. The intuitive interface allows for quick and efficient configuration. The receiver is perfect for both complex and simple installations.

Most important features

  • four separated channels

  • advanced possibilities and simple programming thanks to the dedicated BT Control application

  • power supply 12 … 24V AC / DC

  • editing the remote control without its physical presence

  • receiver memory with descriptions of remote controls

Download the BT CONTROL application for Android devices, intended for configuration and management of the receiver.

Basic parameters

power supply: 12…24V AC/DC ±10%
max power consumption: 200mA (with the relays turned on)
memory capacity: 1200 remotes of DTM433MHz
event memory: 10 000
operating temperature (min./max): -20°C /+55°C
electronic plate dimensions (W x D x H): 79x57x18mm
housing external dimensions: 98 (plus 40 housing holder) x79x33mm
mounting: outside or in other devices enclosures
housing: plastic, splash proof IP-53
weight: 120g

Executive elements

relay outputs (type/number/maximum load): NO or NC / 4 / 1A (24V AC/DC)
output modes: monostable, bistable or momentary
output hold time adjustment in monostable mode: 0.1s to 90 minutes. with a resolution of  0.1s



Radio parameters

radio module: integrated, superheterodyne
transmission protection: 64-bit Keeloq®
modulation / frequency: OOK / 433,92MHz
input impedance of the antenna: 50Ω
antenna: rod antenna, terminals for connecting an external antenna



receiver management: from the dedicated BT Control application via Bluetooth connection
receiver control: using the remotes
authorization of access to the receiver’s menu: securing access to the receiver via the application with a PIN code
administration of the remote controls: managing the remote control even without his physical presence
configuration of the remote controls: the ability to assign any of the four receiver channels to any button
configuration of the method of channel control using the remote control button: trigger, only enable or only disable
entering the remote control without access to the application: the function of remote adding the remote control within the radio range of the receiver with the possibility of blocking or unlocking the function,
protection against accidental activation of the transmitter: the function of double pressing the remote control button
receiver memory: M2BT memory module placed on the stand, stores the remotes with a description and events, the ability to transfer the memory to another receiver
real time clock: with battery backup


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