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SLIMBAT2 wireless photocell

wireless transmitter
Battery life up to 8 years
horizontally adjustable trought 200°

SLIMBAT2 photocell is an element of safety in gate automation. The appearance of the obstacles in the photocell infrared barrier causes an immediate response of automation. With the battery-powered transmitter, it is possible to mount photocell in places with no power cable. Thin housing and ability to adjust the optical elements in the range of 200° allow getting a very high level of protection maintaining good aesthetics and ease of assembly.

Most important features

  • wireless transmitter

  • horizontally adjustable trought 200°

  • redundant relay output

  • splash-proof case

  • range 1-15m

  • NO or NC outputs

  • high resistance to different light sources

Main parameters

range: 1-15m
angle of view regulation: 200° horizontally
receiver power supply 12-24V AC / DC
current consumption of receiver: max. 25mA
transmitter power supply: battery 3,6V/8,5Ah, type C
working temperature (min./max): -20°C / +55°C
housing dimensions (WxDxH) 38 x 36 x 145 mm
mounting: surface mounted housing, splash-proof, IP-54
trigger input T: state change 0-12…24V AC/DC


relay outputs (type/max. load): NO / NC / 1A 24V AC / DC


adjustable through: 200° at the transmitter and receiver, to mount the photocell on the plane parallel to the gate
user interface: LEDs signalling power supply and receiver-transmitter beam synchronization
additional security: safety output (in case of damage output turns into violation mode)
operating modes: 7m, 15m, SLOW, TRIG, FAST – configured via jumpers
wireless installation: battery-powered transmitter (receiver requires cable installation)
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