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REPEATER radio signal retransmitter 433MHz

increasing the range of remotes
power supply 230VAC
housing for outdoor instalation

REPEATER is a device that increases the range of radio transmitters of the DTM433MHz system. The repeater works with all types of DTM433MHz series transmitters, without having to add them to the device. The signal amplifier is powered by 230V AC mains voltage. It is delivered in a dedicated IP-54 surface-mounted enclosure intended for outdoor installation.

Most important features

  • compatible with DTM433MHz

  • possibility of several repeaters working in the system

  • signal retransmission without the need to add a transmitter to the device


power supply: 230V AC 50Hz  +-10%
power consumption: max. 30mA
transmission protection: 64-bit Keeloq®
type of modulation and frequency: OOK  433,92MHz
maximum effective radiation power: 10mW
number of transmitters: unlimited, no need to add remote to the device
maximum range: 150m
working temperature: -10°C  +55°C
casing protection degree: IP-54
mounting method: outdoor in a splash-proof plastic housing
external dimensions of the casing: 72x132x41mm
device board dimensions: 58x88x27mm


User Interface: LEDs indicating power supply and signal retransmission, dip switches to set the delay of transmitting and transmitting without delay
ignore ether occupancy function: accelerating the signal retransmission thanks to the immediate signal transmission without waiting for the cessation of the remote transmission
delay time adjustment: transmission delay function, enabled by means of dip switches T1, T2 and T3.
work of several retransmitters: possible operation of several retransmitters in the system, the devices do not interfere with each other thanks to the possibility of setting the transmission delay
protection against transmission loop: protection against falling into an endless repetition loop
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