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KEYPOINT wireless code keypad

automatically backlit keyboard
durable housing for outdoor installation
simple operation

KEYPOINT allows wireless control of many automation devices by selecting one of the many codes available on the numeric keypad. Battery power supply allows installation in any place. Durable and thoughtful housing design allows installation in places exposed to vandalism inside and outside buildings.

Most important features

  • wireless

  • sound signaling

  • 255 channels DTM868MHz + 4 channels DTM433MHz


frequency: 433MHz i 868MHz
number of control channels: 4 channels 433MHz and 255 channels 868MHz
maximum radio range: 150 m
power supply: 2x battery 3,6V R6
battery performance: 3 years with 10 cycles per day
keyboard: made of PC, 12 backlit keys
housing: plastic, ASA
IP: IP54
installation: surface-mounted
working temperature: -10°C / +55°C
dimensions: 110 x 75 x 40 mm
weight: 140 g



control: each of the 259 channels is activated after entering the individual code. The code is made from 1 to 4 digits long.
special code: one code, thanks to which it is possible to control channels by entering their number, without having to enter an individual code
sound signaling: audio messages indicating that the button has been pressed, the operation is succesful or failed, and the device has been blocked
protection against entering incorrect code: function blocking access to the device for a minute after entering the wrong code three times
keyboard backlight: built-in lighting and proximity sensor. The keyboard lights up when your hand is close to the keyboard. If the sensor function is turned off, the backlight is activated by pressing the button.
battery status: low battery status signaled by an audible signal
DTM System Daniel Kujawski spółka komandytowo-akcyjna
85-145 Bydgoszcz, ul. Brzeska 7 tel./fax +48 52 340 15 83 lub 84, NIP: 9532648396,
REGON:361052098, KRS: 0000948678, Sąd Rejonowy w Bydgoszczy, XIII Wydział Gospodarczy KRS
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