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TRX 868 radio card for SWIFT control board

easy to install
simple programming
power supply from the controller

TRX 868 radio card is designed for SWIFT control boards. It allows operating two channels and 200 DTM868MHz remote controls.

Most important features

  • easy to install

  • simple programming

  • power supply from the controller

  • compatible with DTM868MHz series devices


power supply from gate controller
memory 200 remotes
operating temperature (min./max) -20°C / +55°C
card external dimensions 43x38x8mm
mounting into gate controller via connector
weight 7g

Executive elements

relay output: 2 open collector outputs

Radio parameters

radio module: modern, digital, superheterodyne with intelligent adaptation to external radio conditions, high reliability, repeatability and optimum sensitivity
transmission protection: 104-bit IRS
modulation / frequency: FSK / 868MHz


user interface: hardware interface with two LED’s and two buttons, simple menu
remote configuration: the ability to assign any of the two channels to any remote button
deleting single remote: necessity of having deleted remote
adding remote without access to receiver buttons: easy remote registering function with the ability to lock and unlock the function, Galactic function – allows adding remotes programmed and configured outside the installation
number of remotes in memory verification: function shows the number of added remotes
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